Authorized Distributor of Heat Transfer Fluid in India | Prisco Chem

We Are Prisco Chem

Prisco Chem was incorporated in the year 1985, by Mr. Haresh B. Shah with a wide experience for over four decades in the Chemical industry. Under his able leadership with a group of professionally managed technical team the organization has grown to the present level.

Prisco Chem is the authorized distributor of LANXESS India Pvt Ltd. for their Diphyl range of Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) catering India and Middle – East Region.

With a view to expand the existing customer base Prisco Chem is interested to represent international manufacturers of chemicals for sale of their products and also would help in sourcing of raw materials and other products for the end users in the developed and developing countries.

Authorized Distributor of Heat Transfer Fluid in India | Prisco Chem

We Are Prisco Chem

Prisco Chem is currently active in following
Two Business segments

Heat Transfer Fluids(HTF)
Diphyl range of Heat Transfer fluids or Synthetic base Heat Transfer fluids which works in liquid and vapor form. They have excellent thermal stability in operating Temperature boiling have increase in boiling point and the low vapor pressure in upper temperature range. They have low Sensitivity to oxidation. It is high specific heat and favorable Heat Transfer Fluid properties
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Speciality Chemicals
Some of the Categories of specialty Chemicals are basic & fine chemicals, Biphenyl, Benzyl Alcohol, Para Nitro toluene, Para Toluidine, Ortho Cresol, Meta cresol, Para Cresol, Hydrazine hydrate and many more

About Prisco Chem


To be a reliable supplier by providing innovative products in service solutions.


To be a Leader in Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF) Business and grow our portfolio of speciality chemicals.


To provide customers with top quality products and services in a most responsible manner.

Work Ethics

Ethics is not definable, it is not implementable when it is not a part of individual consciousness. It involves not only our thinking but also our feelings.


Dignity is achieved when we are free from bullying, harassment, and victim blaming. All the employees are considerate of each other and mutually respectful.

Team Work

We believe in teamwork because “TOGETHER EACH ONE ACHIEVES MORE.”

  1.  It triggers creativity.
  2. Makes Employees happy.
  3. It leads to learning.
  4. Workplace become peaceful with teamwork.
  5. Team work cultivates strong work relationship.
  6. Brings sense of accomplishments.

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